With a wide range of capabilities, Any Small & Medium Sized Industry can be changed into a Smart Industry.

Our VOW Virtual Office World is a comprehensive Software designed specifically for small and medium sized industries so that organization canuse it to collect, store, manage and interpret data across different business activities. Virtual Office Wirk provides integrated view of core business processes in realtime, using common database. It tracks business resources like raw materials, production capacity & various status of business commitments like order, PO, GRN etc. Through enablement of sharing data across various departments, it facilitates information flow between all business units and manages connections to out sides take holders. SLS also hasin-build BI reports that helps in taking effective management decisionincluding:

  • • Production Planning And Purchase

  • • Project Management

  • • Sales

  • • Order Management

  • • Inventory management

  • • Subcontracting

  • • Shipment And Payment

  • • Finance Management

Discover Smart Institution.
With a wide range of capabilities, Any Educational Institution can be changed into a Smart Institution.

iERP is a comprehensive ERP Software designed specifically for all types of educational institutions. Available as a non-demand, hosted, subscription-basedon line service (SaaS), the iERP suite offers powerful Institution administrative and management functionality with zero spendon infrastructure. It is a Cloud-based solution and thus is accessible from any where, anytime

Discover Smart Institution.
With a wide range of capabilities, Any Educational Institution can be changed into a Smart Institution.

Our DMS system is a complete solution for any size of business dealing with traditional offline distribution & online e-commerce sales. Our strength over competitors comes from a complete system feature. Its full suite of features manages your entire operation from multi-channel sales to purchasing, product, inventory & simple accounting management etc. through the following:

  • • Create and maintain market and administrative hierarchy

  • • Primary and Secondary sales

  • • Create and maintain partner (e.g. distributor, retailer etc.) profile & hierarchy

  • • Inventory management

  • • Partner Employee profile management

  • • Campaign Management

  • • Route Management

  • • User and Role Management

  • • Workflow design for purchase order,Sales order

  • • App for Sales people

An mobile appand web portal for Assembly House Members to access questions received from MLA's and answers replied by Departments. Apart from this other information such as Daily Agenda, Brief of Proceedings, Bills, Reports etc. areal so available during Assembly session. AllMLAs, MP State Assembly, State Secretariat, Administrative Departments & Director ates along with their Field Offices spread through out the State are the keys take holders besides other. Ministers and MLAs who have to reply to the House, can seek supplementary replies on their mobiles from Administrative Secretaries [chatfeature], through this App

This app will help transport management in more cost-efficient and fasterway. It is one of the great software solution supports the optimization of the operational route planning process. The software automatically calculates the cheapest, fastest and most efficient route based on source and destination location with intermediate hops as well. In coming new orders can be coped with automatically through reassignments and rerouting during delivery. The expandable and modular software can easily be adapted to customer requirements along with features like vehicle tracking, theft control, fuel management, over speed alert, remotely engine cut off, Geo fencing etc.